35 Thousand recognised books… and counting

Without Prejudice…
We are not trying to make any enemies here at Secret Studio, and we do not want to impinge on someone else’s copyright – dead or alive. Copyright around the world is changing, and we can’t keep up with all the rules.

So, if you believe that such and such a book is not in the public domain please let us know either by email  or by posting in the Copyright Issues forum

Small Print
If by some (albeit very slim) chance that you are the author of one of the books in the Ultrapedia Library I would first like to say thank you, and secondly I would like to apologise if making your book available online has caused you any financial distress. Thirdly I invite you to post any useful health and lifestyle tips you might like to share because the chances are that you are at least 95 years old. 

If it seems like I am taking this whole copyright thing a bit fast and easy, well I assure you that I don’t.  And to be honest – neither do you! Just to get this far into Ultrapedia you would have had to page through the Secret Studio terms of use and license agreement – riveting stuff you must admit.

What – you mean you didn’t read it? Good! Because it was just some boiler-plate text that we licensed OK?  I think of terms and conditions (T&C) as akin to a safety-net for a tightrope walker.  It is a sad reflection on this day and age that something we are essentially giving away for free needs an asterisk * 

* see Small Print
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